Aptech Africa Completes 26 MW Solar Power Facility in Juba

Renewable energy EPC firm, Aptech Africa, has announced the completion of 26 MWp of solar panels on the Ezra Power Plant in Juba, serving to enhance energy security and diversification in the nation’s capital city.

Financed by Ezra Construction Company, the solar power system has been integrated with an existing 30 MW of diesel power generation, connected to the main grid. With the new solar panels, roughly 30% of the plant’s power generation will be supplied by diesel, while the remaining 70% will come from solar.


In addition to the cost benefits resulting from reduced reliance on diesel power generation, the project aligns with South Sudan’s climate action aspirations by eliminating 9,600 kilograms of carbon emissions from the environment per day.

The facility also incorporates digital technologies to monitor generation and distribution capabilities, proactively identifying and addressing system anomalies to ensure uninterrupted energy supply.

Source: energycapitalpower.com

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